Syrian and Levant Market compass
Quantitative Studies

SLMC is capable to conduct all types of quantitative studies, numeric and statistical, using different methods for data gathering, including Face to Face interviews, telephone, and email.
Our field team of researchers and supervisors covers all Syrian provinces and cater for any sampling method (random, random stratified, random quota, sampling intercept, snow ball).

Qualitative Studies

SLMC has significant experience conducting qualitative research studies. This is including:
In-depth interviews: conducted on site (at home, work, streets, or in public places) with various types of respondents to provide insight for any research question.

Focus group: our trained moderators and recruiters are able to recruit suitable targeted participants and motivate them to participate in the discussions to collect a wide range of input, uncover implications, and identify new ideas.

Desk research

We gather related data published or unpublished needed based on our experience or our partners experience and knowledge of the market